Sunday, June 3, 2007

Kristin Farnsworth's Las Vegas Ward Salad

Don't I have the greatest names for salads?☺ I make this almost every time I’m asked to bring a salad, so you’ve probably already had it. Oh well... I love it!

Kristin Farnsworth’s Las Vegas Ward Salad
chopped Romaine lettuce and spinach
1-2 gala or fuji apples, sliced and diced
Toasted pecan pieces (or sliced almonds or pine nuts)
**Optional—crumbled Feta cheese

Dressing: Make up one Good Seasons Italian salad dressing packet according to directions. Add ½ tsp sugar and ½ tsp. rosemary; shake it up well, pour over salad, and toss!

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KGisRELAXNandstill29 said...

I have to tell you Karen, I have been enjoying all these recipes as I am planning out my families Thanksgiving dinner. Only one challenge: I forgot I was cooking dinner and totally burned it :)... Oh well, I have plan B.
Anyway, does Kristin Farnsworth have a sister named Debbie? Micah's mission president will be David and Debbie (Farnsworth)Wade.