Friday, December 3, 2010

Karen's Mock-Olive-Garden Salad

I crave this salad on an almost-continual basis, but as the closest Olive Garden is about 20 miles away, we don't get there very often. Last night, I decided to try and re-create it on my own with ingredients I had on hand, and I think it worked pretty darn well!
Let me know what you think...

Karen's Mock-Olive-Garden Salad
Romaine lettuce
(A mix with red cabbage in it would add extra color)
1 seeded cucumber, chopped
Whole grape tomatoes
Sliced red onion
Sliced pepperoncini (banana peppers in jar)
Assorted croutons (white, pumpernickel, etc.)
Ken's Lite Caesar Dressing
Shredded Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top

1 comment:

EleanorPotter said...

You're a genius with copy-cat recipes, Karen! I'm going to send this off to Maddie. She loves this salad will need a few killer recipes under her belt as a new bride.